When it comes to resources for the filmmaking creative, you’ll only find the best of the best here.   All of our resources come highly-recommended from the filmmaking community, so they’ve been vetted and pre-screened just for you.  If something is missing, just let us know and we’ll add it to our library.  

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New Additions...

Bonsai Creative Resources - Lessons From the Screenplay

Lessons from the Screenplay

I believe that a more informed audience raises the bar for storytelling. That examining the techniques used to tell great ...
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Bonsai Creative Resources - This Guy Edits

This Guy Edits

Sven is an A.C.E. Award nominated editor who cut for James Cameron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and James Franco. 206k subscribers. Check ...
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Bonsai Creative Resources - Wisecrack


Wisecrack is a collective of comedians, academics, filmmakers, and artists who are super curious about the world around us. Our ...
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Bonsai Creative Resources - Royal Ocean Film Society

Royal Ocean Film Society

Better discourse about films will lead to better films. $126k subscribers. Check it out! ...
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Bonsai Creative Resources - The Nerdwriter

The Nerdwriter

The Nerdwriter is a weekly video essay series that puts ideas to work. 2.4M subscribers. Check it out! ...
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