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We would love to be a part of your filmmaking journey.

“Bonsai Creative has provided so much passion and support for our film through every phase. They have been springboards for ideas, and they have offered their support through every step of the journey. As we moved through production and post-production, they had a light, but passionate touch on many of the moves we made. They provided feedback when asked, and they were very collaborative in their approach without being invasive. This is the kind of relationship every creative longs to have.”
Motke Dapp
Director & Writer (Another Version of You)

Advisory Producers

Creative Collaboration

We work with you in the development stages to ensure that your story aligns with your project goals.  As artists ourselves, we leverage our experience in Creative Writing, Journalism, and Marketing  to recommend adjustments to your story that will strengthen your brand potential.  

Our goal is to help you maintain creative integrity while maximizing market penetration.


Investor Relations

We help you connect your film’s brand with investors’ hierarchy of needs.  We leverage our experience in Business Development, Business Relationship Management, Investment Management, and Communications to craft successful investor pitches and film artifacts.  

Our goal is to help you demonstrate how your brand aligns with your investors’ goals to create win-wins for you and your prospective investors.

Branding and Marketing

We work with you at any stage of your project to develop a product brand and to build and implement a marketing strategy.  We leverage our experience in Product Development, Marketing, Advertising, and Customer Relationship Management to identify key target markets and to develop a clear brand identity.  

Our goal is to help you reach the right audiences with the right messages at the right time.


Sales & Distribution Support

We help you connect with distribution partners that are best-suited for your goals and your team.  We leverage our experience and our network in Film Sales & Distribution to recommend and/or review distribution options and sales channels.  

Our goal is to help you connect with a distributor that has the best interest of the film in mind while protecting you from those that don’t.

Contract Reviews

We help you get the most out of your sales and distribution contracts.  We leverage our experience in Contract Management and Contract Negotiations to ensure that you and your team get the maximum value while avoiding predatory actions that may hinder your ability to realize downstream profit.  

Our goal is to ensure that you engage in contracts that are in your best interest.*

*We do not provide legal contract reviews and do not serve in lieu of legal representation.


Creative Network Support

We help you augment the filmmaking team wherever and whenever additional skills and/or support are needed.  We leverage our ever-growing network of creative and business professionals to identify key partners who can help you achieve your project goals.  One of our first principles as an organization is “No mercenaries” so you can be sure that each of our references has been vetted by us or by members of our creative network.  

Our goal is to connect you with industry professionals who’ll join the filmmaking team.

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